welcome to tru-fitness

Tru-fitness is a personal training studio that offers a great environment.

Everyone is inviting and willing to help. Clients walk out of our studio feeling better than when they walked in.

We thrive on providing the best style of training to meet your personal goals

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Your Body is Your Investment

  • Working out can lead to a focused mindset and keeps you alert
  • Daily exercise enhances circulation through your body
  • Healthy lungs can be achieved by staying active on a weekly basis
  • Maintaining a healthy diet while active can help with weight loss
  • Build bone density through fitness, stay stronger longer

Getting Started is as Simple as Picking up the Phone!

(209) 543-2102

Early training availability

  • Those who workout at 7am experience an average of 10% lower blood pressure throughout the rest of the day
  • It makes it easy to stick to a routine and holds them accountable first thing in the morning
  • This allows people to get more done at night once they’re done with work

Great Personal Training Coaches

  • When choosing a Personal Training Studio, 95% of people say the coach is a crucial element. The Personal Trainer can make or break the experience.
  • When recruiting Tru Fitness trainers, we look for someone who will be loyal to a client’s personal training experience, is positive and knowledgeable with the workout/ it’s history/ nutrition, and brings great energy.
  • When signing with a Tru Fitness Studio, clients will be placed with a Personal Training Coach based on the clients personal availability and convenience.



1801 H Street Suite D, Modesto CA 95354

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